Saturday, April 18, 2009

Horse Stampede??

About 11:40am Thursday morning I saw 6 horses (only one with a bit/rope on it) galloping down our road--alone!! (Are 6 horses enough to declare a stampede?) I called the WC police, and told them what was going on. (We have feed trucks and pickups that travel pretty fast on our road, and I was afraid somebody was going to hit the horses and hurt themselves AND the horses.)

The horses stopped for a couple of minutes just east of our house. Then a tractor pulling anhydrous tanks came out of the field and startled them, so they ran farther to the east, to the corner of Kantor and our gravel road. Then a feed truck came FROM the east and sort of corraled them at the corner. The sheriff got there, and went into the field from the other direction, but I couldn't see what happened after that. I'm not sure whose horses they were, or why they were racing down our road (a LONG way from the Kentucky Derby!!!), but it made for an interesting hour.

These pictures aren't great, but I was taking them through plastic over the east windows in the 'Prairie Room' (family room with a great view) and it was over half a mile away!

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