Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I drove it 'till the wheels fell off'!

I started to mow our 3 acres on Saturday afternoon while Oliver was safely in another part of the yard (but could see me and get his water and into the shade if he wanted), and had only gone an hour or so (it normally takes about 3+ hours, but it was really long so I was going over some of it twice) when I turned a corner and the wheel fell off the dumb mower!

It's a Sears model from about 6 years ago when we replaced the really ancient Cub Cadet. I could not stand to watch my teenage son start it with a screwdriver stuck somewhere near the top of the motor and doing something else (maybe the two-step, but I can't remember...) to start it. It didn't seem safe to me any longer, so we bought this one. With a wedding to plan and student loans to pay, I think I'm going to have to drive this one till ALL the wheels fall off!

This is a video from Sunday afternoon when the visiting Marshall (retriever) and Oliver (Alex & Allison's yellow lab) were tired of slobbering on each other and were taking a break.

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