Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

These are the grandkids who showed up for a great T-day feast in Des Moines courtesy of their grandmother!!!!  (Including fabulous pies from both she and her brother, our Uncle Charlie!!!)

From left: Ben (17), Amanda (23), Michelle (19), Brian (26), Samantha (22), and Joe (19).
Missing from the pack was Alex, who worked until 11 Wed. evening, had today off, but helped
Allison serve T-day at her house in Waseca.  We missed you both!


Anonymous said...

Michelle and Joe seem to think they are 20 yrs. old now rather than 19!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Laura! I ran into Shirl at Walgreens tonight and she told me where to find them. Can't believe how big they're all getting. . . . And congrats to you! I hear both of yours are engaged. Sometimes Ben doesn't fill me in on all of the details. ..boys.

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