Thursday, April 8, 2010

Potosi brewery in tourist pictures (by me)

The city of Dubuque (IA) was named after Julien Dubuque, who came from Canada and asked for permission to mine lead in the area from the Fox Indians. Legend has it that Princess Potosa was Julien's mate. (Not sure if it's true, but the root beer that is brewed here is fabulous!)

This is the hill behind the brewery, where the spring water that is used by the brewery comes from.

This is part of the display at the Potosi Brewery. Not sure why they chose this car to come out of the wall.... (That's Allison's dad behind John looking at the evidence.)

These tanks greet you at the entrance to the Potosi bar. (One says 'hot' water, and the other is 'cold'.)

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Annalisa said...

Hi!!!What a nice post, loved the one before this too!Your blog is so interesting and I am so sad that I still can't see your updates!
I am checking your blog costantly anyway, and I hope not to miss too much out!
Have a lovely weekend,

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