Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pickles Restaurant in Kamrar and a tractor in water...

My friend, Kim, and her hubby, Ron, were going to a great local restaurant in Kamrar (IA), with Kim's folks, (Mike & Faye Ann) and they invited me to go along and eat this neighborhood's best taco pizza!

Kamrar is basically as small as Stanhope, so this is the main street.

I've been cleaning out closets and re-organizing the back porch, so it was a great treat to go out for supper! Thanks Kim (and Ron, and Mike, and Faye Ann!)

This tractor lives in a ditch around the corner from our house. Not sure why it's there, and it doesn't look like it's coming out too soon!


Mike said...

Fayann is all one word "Fayann"!

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

oops... sorry--Mike---tell Fayann I'm not a great speller!!!

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