Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Izaac and Noel on the roof!

Went to Des Moines today for (nephew) Ben's and Mema's (my mom's) birthdays. Uncle Charlie treated us to Old Chicago pizzas--yum!!

Izaac was Batman for Halloween and enjoyed going door to door in his neighborhood. He wouldn't tell a 'joke' but had conversations with the 'treaters' about their decorations and candy. He woke up early this morning hoping he could go fill his candy bucket again!

Izaac posing with Samantha (Sa-may-may, as he calls her), who had a tire problem on the road today, but made it safely to Des Moines.

Izaac wanted his hair styled "like a mohawk" this morning, and he liked the look!

Mom's trying to choose new shingles for her roof (and having trouble deciding) so I was trying to take a picture of our new shingles out the upstairs window. When I opened the screen to take a close-up of the shingles, Noel escaped out the window.

She crawled around for about five minutes, decided it was too far to jump down and crawled back into the window.

1 comment:

Annalisa said...

what a nice and sweet post! the children look great in their halloween costumes!and just love Noel!:) brave cat!

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