Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday party for 'Grandpa M.' in Des Moines

We celebrated (my) dad's birthday on Sunday in Des Moines. This is Izaac showing his great-grandpa his decorated birthday cake.

Michelle (niece) holding the just-decorated cake. (John at left in the picture, with Bob/Margie on Michelle's right.)

Izaac, Ben and Joe, discussing the important developments in the Cubs' negotiations for trading players.

A 21-second video of Izaac delivering a piece of cake to great-grandpa and singing part of the 'happy birthday' song.


Margaret said...

OMG, that is SO cute!! What a pair those two are.

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

Yes, they are! Can you hear Izaac at the end of the video saying "Here you go."?? Izaac knows 'bopa doesn't hear well, also. Sometimes he tells mema to 'repeat' his message to bopa so grandpa will hear it.

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