Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Freight and Fowl" mini vacation

The Desoto Wildlife Reserve in Missouri Valley posted sightings of 250 eagles last week, and we were already half-way there when we were in Sac City Wednesday working on moving Grandma Walker out of her fabric store (retired the fabric part, still mending for 'other people' at home now).
The weather was frightful on Wednesday (snowing, 50 mph winds, icy roads, etc.!) so we hadn't decided whether we were going to travel anywhere else until late in the day.

It turned out to be a fairly nice day in Missouri Valley (Iowa) on Thursday, with 48 degree temperatures, light wind and mostly sunny conditions. It was perfect for eagle watching!
We arrived and went into the building (where all these eagle pictures were taken--through the glass) just before noon, and there were only a couple of eagles at that point in the tree and occasionally looking for some 'lunch' in the water.
We also saw the 'rock' train in western Iowa, where the UP is laying a third main line of train tracks. More eagles and trains tomorrow!!!

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