Sunday, November 24, 2013

The newest 'old' additions.... November 24, 2013

 These are two of the 'orphans' that started their life in our back yard in 2008, Ron (Santo) and Pat (Hughes). Ron is looking at Pat's bowl longingly (they had the same flavor of food in them).  They switched bowls anyway.
Patrick (the black tuxie) is relaxed and playing with all the toys he can find.  Ron is a little more pensive, but still very loving.  They've been at our daughter/son-in-law's house for more than 3 years, but now they're BACK!!!  gheez.....  oh well.
This is Pat and Ron's actual sibling, Grace, who has always lived here and loves to help with my emailing.  This is her 'perturbed' look, which is what she thinks about her brothers coming back to live here.  (Bogie and Noel are NOT happy campers, either, but Queen doesn't seem to mind them too much.)

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