Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pictures of our trip to the Grandkids' house... February 21, 2019

 This is my favorite picture of Max from our weekend stay.  He's eating the remnants of a cake we made to celebrate Olivia's 5th birthday.
 This is the decorated cake for Olivia.  She frosted and decorated it mostly by herself!
 At brunch, Olivia was gifted with a Unicorn headband (it was metal).  Max had to try it on for fun.  That's his dad (and our son), Alex, beside him.  (Brunch was delicious!)
 Olivia and Max watching something on her tablet.
I think this is my favorite picture of Olivia smiling over the weekend (that I captured on the camera).  She and Max BOTH like to do the 'cheese' smile.... but I don't always think they're the most attractive of smiles!

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