Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A knight in shining armor?

He might as well have had a suit of silver armor and been riding a white horse. We got about 4 more inches of snow from last evening through early this afternoon. I was trying to be helpful by shoveling, but knew I wouldn't last the whole driveway, so tried to start the small snow-blower. It turned over but didn't ever start completely. (Yes, there was gas in it, because I checked that first.)
So then I tried the bigger one. The bigger one is self-propelled, but I've never actually started it before, and when I finally got it going, I shoveled about 3 short strips and then heard an engine noise. I turned around and there was a black pickup with a guy I didn't recognize with a small child in the passenger seat.

He said, "you don't need to do that. I have a blade on my other pickup and I'll be right back to clean this out. Is that okay?" I was a little stunned, since I hadn't even heard the pickup before it was about 15 feet away from me. I said, "you are?", and he said, "I live around the corner, with the horses and the mule. My names is Jones. I'll be right back, okay?" I said, "Sure", with a relieved look no one could have mistaken.

True to his word, he was back in less than 10 minutes with a different (even BIGGER) truck with a blade that looked pretty new (so did the truck, though), and made several swipes each direction in the driveway and then smiled and waved and said, "Now you have a nice Christmas, okay?" I shook my head and said "Thanks" and went in to get warm!!!! Thanks neighbor!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I need a neighbor like that! How nice of him--hope he drives by next time, too.

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