Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday catch-up?? Monday, Monday cleaning, Tech-day Tuesday...

I took this on New Year's Day. This is a "sun dog". It's just cool.

Monday was cleaning day (again...) and (once in a while) sunny January days motivate me to look for ways to make the rest of the year easier (?!). Cleaning out drawers and cupboards can be cathartic, but it's still not one of my favorite jobs.

Tuesday I spent in Sac City, offering some minor tech-support to Mary and Grandma Walker. Lunch was wonderful, as usual, from the "Hub".

When I got home, my trainman suggested we go to KMart in Webster City because they had some really pretty (fake, I know) Christmas trees left on deep-discount clearance (my favorite way to shop!). So we bought one and stowed it in Samantha's bedroom (she's not using it...). She'll be surprised if/when she sleeps up there again before next Christmas.

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