Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bored Bogie...

This is what all three cats like to do when they are bored inside (because of all the snow and cold outside). They have me throw toys up on the steps, and then they chase them down the steps. Well, that's if they're in the mood, and the toy actually stays in motion and comes back down the steps. Otherwise, they just plop down on one of the steps and look at me, like I should invent another game for them.

I haven't got the heart to warn them about what the weatherman is predicting. He said, "more snow Thursday, then a short break (we're in the 3-5 inch-range for Thursday, after receiving 3-4 inches of white sparkly stuff Monday) and then MORE snow on SUNDAY!!! Gheez. I'm tired of the snow and cold outside, too. oh well.

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