Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring project, continued...

Well, the carpet is down on the new floorboards and the shelves are in their new slots on the back porch (but empty so far). It looks better (but dirt would have been a step up from that 12-color 60's shag that was there and in such terrible shape).

The other new fun thing in the house is the machine we bought this morning and I hooked up all by myself! It's the digital television converter box. We have 3 tv's, and no cable, so we got the coupons and purchased two converters.

It took longer to untangle the cords and antenna to the tv as it did to program the new remote and see a picture (less than 30 minutes total). We now have three public television channels, and the best extra channel it picks up is a weather channel!!! It's the channel I miss most (from cable) during an Iowa storm. okay, yes, amanda, i know it's mtv for old people, but I'm still excited!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh wow, there is seriously something wrong with u....ur excited about a weather channel

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