Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday feline day

Wednesday was wild!

At 9am the handy-man contractor came and looked under the Prairie Room to see all the insulation fallen from under the floor. The problem is there is only a small-ish window for access.

Then he looked at the outlet upstairs and thought he could make it work, but after switching a new breaker and outlet it still didn't. He'll send the expert next week.

At noon I spoke to a group of recently-diagnosed Cancer patients in Ames at the Bliss Clinic. The nurse (who I had for 80% of chemo treatments) who asked me was there. I asked her (before I accepted the challenge) if she wanted me to tell the whole hellish truth, and she said I could say ANYTHING I wanted. It was interesting, and a little nerve-wracking (I hate to speak in public) but think I did okay.

Then, on to the shopping tasks at hand and the first Handbell Choir practice of the school year! Yikes.


AnnWS said...

Good for you to share--and let people see how great you are now!!!

I want that yellow kitten:-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're sharing your story and giving others such great HOPE! After being as low as you could go - you fought back and seem stronger than ever. To even think you could be chasing after a 1 year old was unbelieveable. But the power of prayer is wonderful!!

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