Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our house, chaotic? NO, never!!!

My hostas are blooming (again) but the Sedum has NEVER bloomed at this house. It only stays green. I'm not sure why not, but it's disappointing, enough to inspire me to plant something new in its place.

Last Thursday was a little wild, too. John's mom's washer died, so I called on a Maytag set washer/dryer in Ft. Dodge (via KQRADIO's Trading Post Show--I LOVE it!!). We went to Ft. Dodge and found the house okay (the appliances were upstairs, of course, and a twisting staircase in the way!). John and the seller loaded the appliances onto the 'little red truck' while I watched two little girls in the apartment.

Off to Sac City to have lunch (from the HUB---YUMMY!) and John put the washer into the basement of Grandma Jean's house.

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