Sunday, November 2, 2008

The first Sunday in November...

Izaac got two new teeth this week, so the good thing about it (since it seemed annoying and painful to him) is that he LOVES to brush his teeth! My dentist would be so impressed! (Just ignore the dish drainer-for my sake!)

It's corn harvest time in the central plains, so I was on one road yesterday and could document several phases of this. Below is an old combine working to capacity!

This is a 'corn wagon' for us non-farmer types. When the combine gets full of corn (or soybeans, but they're already long gone around here) it dumps the grain into this, so the corn can go to a storage bin.

Below is a pile of turkey (or could be chicken) poop waiting to be spread onto a field for fertilizer.

This is the last step for most farmers around here. Below the tractor is pulling a disk to combine poop/stocks and soil for winter.

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