Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday without a camera still....

This is a picture of Gracie last Saturday (2/14/09). You can see that Iowa in winter without snow can be a pretty drab color. Last Saturday we had a few floating snowflakes, and 60 miles south of here they had 8 inches of heavy, wet snow.

This is a video (well, it should be, but I was distracted while the video was 'uploading and processing-which translates to: I was tired of waiting, so I went in the other room to do something) of Gracie and Lucy playing last Saturday (before I didn't have a camera!!). It's short (9 seconds), but cute. They had been running out the door together and straight into that tree up to the "V", but when I got the camera ready, they were done being that cute!!

1 comment:

Chesney Cats said...

They look like they were having fun!!

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