Friday, October 9, 2009

Pictures with the old camera and a new lens.

I've had a good Minolta camera with a small telephoto lens for 26 years. Recently I saw a bigger telephoto lens on the Goodwill Auction site, and it was from the Des Moines Goodwill store, so I could go and try it on the camera before bidding. It fit, and I won the bid for $33! (Pricing them new was $300-350, and it's a real Minolta lens.) Here are the results from the first (200 speed and OLD) roll of film.

Yes, I drove it till the wheel fell off, AGAIN! Hopefully we won't have to mow again this fall. But the colors around it were too pretty not to try a picture.

Patrick was the only cat to cooperate this day, and he did a nice job of posing.

Pictures I took at the marina at Saylorville Lake on my way home last Sunday evening.

I'm pretty sure these are pelicans near the middle of this picture, but even with the new lens they're pretty hard to see.

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