Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two graduations this year, two weddings next year!

Yes, it's an April graduation picture of Samantha and her fiance, Marty, but I was busy 'proofing' recipes (STILL) for the new church cookbook, so I got lazy and found this quick. Samantha is planning a wedding in Carroll on 5/29/10.

This is Alex and Allison, in April. They have set their wedding date as July 23rd, 2010, in Dubuque!

My two kids are 18 months apart, but have been doing things similarly in the past few years (Alex started college in fall, 2004, at Mt. Mercy, but had to transfer to Grand View, where Samantha started in the fall of 2005, to be closer to Allison in the fall, 2005!). They both graduated 4/25/09--YEAH!!! and now they are in the planning stages of their weddings. Oh my, how time flies!!!!

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