Sunday, December 27, 2009

Partial Christmas gathering

Yesterday, Alex traveled from Minnesota and got stuck at the end of our gravel (snow-filled) road! The plow driver helped him clean out around the little red truck and then John went to give him a pull down the road (it's only half a mile to the highway, but there are several places the road drifts shut when it snows this much!).

We then traveled to Sac City and had a delicious dinner and exchanged gifts with Grandma Walker and Aunt Mary. (Marty and Samantha came from Carroll, too.)

The first half of the trip home wasn't pleasant (that could be an understatement, but I didn't end up driving, so maybe my hubby would state it differently), because it had snowed all day, and the roads that had been wet when we drove over were now slick with ice.

That's the little red truck in the bottom picture, which was completely cleaned off yesterday morning--so you can see how much more of the white stuff we have received!!! It's record-setting snow falls for the month, but it's ONLY DECEMBER!!

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