Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowblowing and shoveling-didn't make a dent?

The top picture is where I pushed the snow-blower to the edge of the driveway which just added to the 'pile'....

The picture below is the pavement where I tried to shovel the snow off the crunchy snow/ice pile that's already packed down....

This last picture is the level of snow by the mailbox-where I tried to make a path for the mailman.... oh well. Tomorrow's another day--and it's STILL SNOWING!!!

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markeymd said...

I do check out this site time to time. Shirl told me about it. Love to see the pics of the kids - especially Joe since he's written me off for now. Can't believe they're all grown up! 'cept for baby Ben.
You should check out the KCCI website. They have some great videos there of the Hoover Student section. Ben and his gang are front and center, of course ;-)

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