Saturday, February 27, 2010

The week in review with Izaac....

Izaac attempted to shovel many piles of snow, but it was a struggle.

It was REALLY cold still outside, but we ventured out into the sun today anyway and played with a squirt bottle filled with warm water and food coloring.

Earlier in the week he played piano, trains, tunnels (with the couch cushions), and mowing the carpet (with the play mower but real ear phones for his ears). He chased the cats on a few occasions.

This is Noel cornering Gracie after Gracie chased Noel up the stairs (again) and Noel finally turned around and gave chase. Noel lives upstairs by herself because she lets the other cats (usually) intimidate her into cowering under some piece of furniture.

We've been trying to get Noel to stand up to the orphans since they moved in (July '08) but gave up last summer and let Noel live on her own. All were happier with the arrangement, but Noel still likes to go outside and visit the rest of the house sometimes (while the others are contained in another room or outside playing).

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