Monday, July 26, 2010

Alex & Allison wedding pictures, page 2

"Just Married" They walked out to the theme from "Charlie Brown"! It was a delightful change from the traditional, and suited them perfectly.

Allison and Alex having their first 'married' dance!

Allison taking that walk down the aisle with her dad, as her eyes got a bit watery....

This was the 'groom's cake', and it was perfect. (Allison's dog, Oliver, took a plate of 'taste-testing' wedding cake pieces off her counter at her house, finished off the cake, and pushed the plate under the couch!!--so this darling cake was based on this story!!)

Now, Oliver is REALLY big, and he's at our house (Camp Stanhope) this week while the newlyweds are on a cruise!

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