Friday, July 30, 2010

Buick Club of America visits Jewell (IA) this evening!

We timed arrival in Jewell PERFECTLY this evening, ate our delicious supper (without a line) on the many picnic tables set up in the middle of Main Street, and then the Buicks starting arriving from Ames, and I went to the corner and took pictures of most of the more than 150 cars that made the trip.

Above is pretty much the car our softball coach had to haul us to the field for practice and games (I can't remember what color it was, white or cream??).

This beige one looks like the '70 Torino my Uncle still has!!

These older ones were fancy inside AND out!!!

I took most of the pictures for my dad, who has owned 5 or 6 Buicks in his lifetime, including a '64 that the three of us kids learned to drive with.


Annalisa said...

what beautiful pictures you've taken!
I would love to take part in such an event, but unfortunately here summer isn't really "funny" : we do go to the beach but nothing other than that!
I would really love to live there!
Such a lovely post, thanks for stopping by my blog, you're a wonderful follower!

Unknown said...

Hay you guys are having a good time. Like the shots of the cars,real cool

Stay Well Stay Happy


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