Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The first Sunday in January, 2011

Suzy (my mom's cat--sister of my cats and Samantha's cats) has the BIGGEST eyes. They make her look a little scary (she's not--she's really pretty sweet!).

These are the great pins I got for Christmas in Sac City. Some of them came directly from John's sister's jewelry box (I think the rest mostly came from her favorite 'recycle' shop, Savers!).

I got more fun Cubs stuff for Christmas (the Cubs socks are from last Christmas, but we have them on the wall all year long!). My niece, Amanda, gave me the lamp post (which does light with solar power, but I like it inside at the moment to enjoy it).

This is the scratching 'post' John made our 'furry' kids. I wanted to show Lucy's new mom, because I forgot to give Margie the new one I bought for Lucy! (Lucy sat on her new mom's lap this morning--so she's getting 'comfy' in her new digs!)

I think Michelle (niece) must have taken this picture of Uncle Charlie. Cute!


Margaret said...

What a great picture of Uncle Charlie!!


Ann Walker Smalley said...

Nice picture of all the pins! And Margaret is right--adorable Uncle Charlie.

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