Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Izaac at Camp

Trainman arrived home Tuesday 6:00am and slept through the phone repair man visit (upstairs phone didn't work) but was awake by 3pm, so I went to Webster City for a few groceries. I got a phone call that said Amanda (Izaac's mom) had a fever of 102 and the doctor tested for strep (negative) but was awaiting results for the test for MONO!!

So I finished shopping, headed home and we both headed for Des Moines to retrieve Izaac until his mother is well.
This is a picture Samantha took on Sunday on his great-grandmother's lap. He crashed about 10pm (didn't want to, but was really tired) and he's still snoozing at 8:30am.
Trainman left about 6am this morning, and when he returns plans on taking his 3 remaining vacation days (which was already planned due to my Uncle Wayne coming from Bartlesville this Friday). later now...

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Anonymous said...

Adorable picture! He looks like the family.

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