Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yard work and sewing...

This is a picture of my Uncle Wayne and Izaac on Sunday, 10/7. We had an assortment of homemade favorites my mom whipped up, including meat loaf, baked mac & cheese, french oven beef stew, carrot salad, homemade french bread and dinner rolls, and for dessert, 2 apple pies and pecan rolls, fresh from the oven! yikes.

It rained 2 1/2 inches over Saturday/Sunday and then another inch overnight and on Monday. I mowed the whole 3 acres on Tuesday, but had to wait till afternoon, and then there were still sections of fairly-damp grass. Today I got out a couple of projects from TWO years ago, and it went okay, but the cats wanted in and out 24 times because it was REALLY cool outside today! (about 55 for the high)

Went to handbell choir and got all the evening animal chores done, so I'm going to bed!! later...

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Anonymous said...

Yard work?? Yuck!! I know someone who wants to go to Mason City shopping first week in Nov. since her husband will be gone for a few day!! Any takers?

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