Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday, October 17th

Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary to Ann and Don Smalley (John's sister/hubby) in Apple Valley, MN.

Blogger on the blink about uploading images (saw it on another blog, also), so can't send the cute picture I have of the youngest but largest cat we own, Bogart Wrigley (Bogie) sitting in the small dog bed my friend, Kim, brought over (because her dog won't use it). I threw the round bed up on the loveseat to vacuum, and Bogie climbed in, well, sort of. Queen was all curled up in it last night (the oldest cat we have at 8 years now) so I'm not sure if they're just trying it out or taking turns being all cuddly. I'm pretty sure the two of them won't let Noel have a turn napping in the new bed.

Izaac went home yesterday afternoon after his mother's schedule changed. He'll probably return on Sunday to stay a few days. Bogart and Izaac weigh about the same--17 pounds!!

We went to Ames to meet his grandmother half-way and then used it as an excuse to eat at our favorite pizza place (George's) and stopped on the way home at the grocery store.
(I did issue a warning in the first blog about being boring, and now you realize I really meant it!)

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