Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shopping--again! Thursday, November 8th

This picture is of Patrick and Hannah after the wedding when some of the guys lifted them both in the air on the chairs and danced around... (my camera is on the blink, so no new pics)
Went shopping again yesterday with Kim and her mom, starting out in Perry at a few stops.
We then ended up in Winterset (birthplace of John Wayne, and I've been through his house and souvenir shop--that was fun, too) in their downtown 'square'. We visited several shops before going into Fons and Porter's (Love of Quilting) quilt store. For those of you not familiar with these two women, they got together more than 25 years ago and are on public television with their own show, teaching quilting techniques and giving examples and hints. They are on the internet, too, but I haven't actually checked that out yet.
We didn't see either lady in there, and then continued around the square to Ben Franklin--and low and behold==there was Marianne Fons in the fabric section, sorting out a counted cross-stitch pattern for a sampler. Apparently she had done this years ago, but didn't remember EVERY detail, so Kim's mom and I were giving this very knowledgeable quilter advice on how many strands of thread to use and NOT to wash the cross-stitch fabric! Interesting, and a great story to tell!
To see the Fons and Porter website, click on this link:

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Anonymous said...

Loving the blog and all the pics--esp the cat in the dryer.

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