Friday, November 16, 2007

This is the winner from yesterday.

I think this is definitely the winning picture of the day from yesterday. He was really good, but his tummy must have been a little upset from the rotavirus vaccine they gave him the day before. That's a new one since my kids got vaccines. He just didn't have much appetite.

He did eat some pieces of steamed carrots and green beans off my Healthy Choice dinner without making faces (which he does when you give him the squished baby varieties). I wonder if it's the consistency of the mashed ones he doesn't like (like his Great-grandmother and mashed potatoes)?

Gheeez-we're boring! I just re-read the blog. oh well. COLD here this morning, with flurries in the air on Wednesday late afternoon, and forecasted for today, too. Next week they say snow for Thanksgiving--ouch. later now...

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