Thursday, March 19, 2009

Presents from the party....

This is the bouquet of flowers my dad got me for my birthday (belated party). I put it in this corner hoping the cats wouldn't bug it too much. Those are our "Cubs" Christmas sock hangings on the wall (from Christmas, but we're not taking them down until they win the World Series--or we get really tired of them.....).

This is a metal cat that has a sun-powered cell, so that at night, it looks like a blue cat with cutouts. It's cool. Although yesterday wasn't that sunny, it glowed blue most of the night.

I also got a "Cubs" flag (big) for outside and a "Cubs" pen that glows! I have another one that when you squeeze it, it shines the "Cubs" logo on the wall or paper, or whatever you have close. I hope spring training is going well!!!

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