Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday slush?

(That's Lucy, in the shade of the mailbox, and Ron, running around Friday in the nice weather.)

Keeping track of 8 cats isn't usually too hard at mealtime. But when they want to go in and out I try to keep track with clothespins with their names on them. (Clips on the right side of the calendar mean they're outside, and if they're on the bottom of the calendar, they're supposed to be in.)

Late Saturday afternoon I noticed one of the 'twins' (George/Gracie) was missing after I thought they were all in. I called Georgey's name at two doors, and hunted for more than 45 minutes inside (and out) before actually discovering I was looking for the wrong twin. Georgey was inside, but Gracie was nowhere to be found.

About this time I got hungry and got out a Gorton's fish filet (lemon pepper!) to microwave. Apparently, I should have started with this, and next time somebody is missing (at least in the house) I may microwave another one! Here came Gracie, and all the siblings, to see what was cooking. Even Noel came out of hiding to see what the enticing smell was!! Oh well. Gracie has a new hiding place...

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