Monday, June 8, 2009

Home-grown tomatoes!

Some of the train guys have hobbies. One Conductor is a fanatic with heirloom tomatoes.

He started all these from seeds, and makes all kinds of sauces and mixes when the tomatoes are ready.

Saturday, before we headed to Lake View, we went to his house, near Moingona, and he generously gave us 13 plants he had left to plant at our house. There were all different kinds and colors of tomatoes (most of which I'd never heard of, but I'm not the fanatic...).

It rained hard here yesterday (tornadoes to the southwest of us 100 miles), so I'm not sure if we'll get them in the ground today or not, but hopefully by tomorrow. I can almost taste the BLT sandwich already! There's nothing better tasting than home-grown tomatoes and home-canned tomatoes (sauces just don't taste the same without my mom's canned tomatoes).

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