Thursday, June 4, 2009

The new intruder/guest??

We haven't seen '8:30' (a stray that came to eat fairly regularly at 8:30pm) lately, but a few nights last week, and now tonight, we have had a ginger boy visiting. Bogart has yowled quite loudly at him through the door. It doesn't deter the new 'intruder' much.

He reminds me of Jeter's 'intruder', Joba. This guy isn't very old, and I'm guessing somebody dumped him on our road when they didn't want him anymore.

This development makes it more difficult to get that last cat inside this evening. Miss Noel is enjoying the almost-full-moon and perfect weather (calm, not hot or humid) and doesn't want to come in. I know she'll be afraid of the intruder if she sees him. So, I'm going to try to get her in at one of our 6 doors to the outside world!

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