Monday, June 29, 2009

Izaac at CampStanhope this week & weekend happenings...

Below are Ross and Missy. Ross is my friend, Kim's, son. My kids know Missy because she was a 'camp kid'. (camp counselor at Wesley Woods in Indianola, IA, where my kids dragged Ross one summer to be a counselor also.)

A few of us who know Kim threw Ross & Missy a wedding shower at our church.

Saturday morning our team leader (Miriam) and her daughter (Sarah) rolled out of bed extra-early and sat all morning in Webster City at the Farmer's Market trying to raise money with bake-sale items for our Team Hope for Relay for Life for Hamilton County! So I was baking double-time this week and made old-fashioned cream cheese mints for the shower, too.

**Above are two other pictures from the wedding shower. I didn't take any pictures at the bake sale, and I haven't had time to take pictures of Izaac yet, either. He's a busy guy and we played outside the remainder of the afternoon until I couldn't stand the bugs any longer (even after spraying both of us).

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