Thursday, July 9, 2009

Izaac in the garage & at Wed. night Stanhope in the Park

Izaac thinks he's pretty cool with (Uncle) John's hat and ears on, sitting on the mower. Bogie must not have thought he was actually going to mow or he wouldn't have jumped up there to join him. I thought it was a funny picture.

Stanhope has a summer tradition of "Wednesday in the Park", and food is served by various community organizations and an area musical group plays so after supper there is dancing under the shelter.

We went into town to the park and for the entertainment and Izaac played on this digger.

Bogie posing on the big red truck in the garage.


Poppy Q said...

What a cute photo of Izaac and Bogie on the tractor. Your boy is growing up fast!!

Anonymous said...

Where is Bogey's hat and headphones?

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

Bogey is a 'refined' mancat, and did not think the headphones and hat coordinated with his sleek black fur! (Since the mower wasn't 'on', it wasn't a safety issue.)

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