Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Relay for Life Page (I don't think I made my goal)....

The American Cancer Society:

I'm hoping the "American Cancer Society" link will take you to my Relay for Life page. I'm on "Team Hope" from Stanhope in Hamilton County, Iowa, and our Relay is this Friday evening, July 17th.

If you'd like to see my page, (OR DONATE-hint, hint, hint!!) please click on the link above or here.


AnnWS said...

I certainly hope you collected more than $0 as it says on that page. I mailed my donation before the deadline so it should show up at some point, I hope!!

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

Most of my generous 'peeps' mailed in their donation, so my team leader was going to update my site but I think she's been busy this week (actually-she's busy EVERY week!).
The donations made by credit card on-line show instantly, and others are updated manually. (thanks--I'm sending thank=you notes when I get some pictures made at the Relay Friday evening!!)

Miriam Carlson said...

Laura - you have made your goal - and then some! And all the hardwork you've put in baking pies, working fundraisers, baking cookies!! Thank you! I am so glad to call you my friend!

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