Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Not sure what year this was. Des Moines, possibly 1992? This would have made Samantha 5 1/2 and Alex almost 7.

Below is Alex, maybe 4? (so 1990) in our Des Moines driveway with our neighbor's dog, Sophie. Sophie arrived as a puppy right after we moved in that house, and the kids grew up right along with Sophie. She was a GREAT dog, and was VERY protective of my kids.

This has to be 1989 or 1990??? Lake View, IA, I think. I used to write on pictures I gave the relatives, but wasn't so efficient about the duplicates, etc. I think that's cousin Matthew at the left, Claire, Rachel, Alex, John & Samantha. Man, they were YOUNG!!!


Baumhover Adventures said...


Miriam Carlson said...

I love the pics! Keep them coming! So fun to see how much they have changed/look the same.

White Dog Blog said...

Family pictures...memories and torture! Thank you for stopping by my blog to wish mom a happy day. You made mom smile and helped a puppy in need! You have a kind heart!

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