Sunday, March 7, 2010

A wild Sunday at OUR house!

Almost everybody that came to our combined b.d. party today (John made homemade beef and noodles and french bread--YUM) had something to try on! I shortened my mom's choir robe (someone took her shorter one from church and hasn't returned it). Michelle and Allison tried on their dresses for Samantha's wedding, and Samantha tried on a dress she may wear to the rehearsal dinner.

Grandma Walker (at left in picture above) attached pins where necessary and gave advice on how to make the dresses fit/look better.

Allison and Oliver relax last night in the Prairie Room while watching "The Incredibles", and Alex played on the computer (and attempted his tax return!).

These were some of the cars in the driveway today for the party. It really did look more like a used car lot than a driveway! Nice party, and Lucy (kitty) finally came out of the tree after being chased around the yard a little by Oliver...

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