Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pre-birthday party for (son) Alex! Almost 23...

The wind and snow was blowing for most of the day yesterday, so when John tried to come home (from driving a train) at 9pm, he could get to our road again, but not to our house (about half a mile from the highway)! So he had to spend another night in a Webster City motel due to the icy roads and drifts on our road. We took the interstate (I35) to Des Moines (Sunday) and saw about 20 vehicles in the ditch, some on their tops, from Saturday's wretched roads.

Here's the crowd getting settled in at Grandma Markey's to watch Alex open his presents! From left: Grandma M, Uncle Charlie (her brother), John, Izaac, Michelle Z, and Shirley (my sister).

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MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

What a nice family gathering...we do not have a big family and miss that very much. Hold your loved ones tight.
Thank you for purrrring for our sweet handsome Buddy to come back. Guess what? It worked! Mommy came home from Church tonight and saw a shadow move across the courtyard with a tail attached. She ran out on the patio and called his name and he came closer and seemed happy to see her. We are so glad he is alright. It is bitter cold right now here and we look forward to spring coming. Thank you for your nice card and the photosof the sweet fur family. I will mail you a nice Valentine:))
Love Miss Peach

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