Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sun dogs (?) and sleepy kitties

Not much going on around here, so I had to dig for some pictures I don't think have been posted. This one was taken on a MUCH colder day (12/20/08). Are they sun dogs or Snow dogs? It happened several days in a row about the same time, 4pm.

This is just the kitties cuddling with each other right before Christmas, probably dreaming of what Santa Claws would bring them (organic nip!).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful capture of the sun dogs. Nice to see that the kitties are safe and warm. :-)

Baumhover Adventures said...

i cant believe u let them take over the kitchen table....some people might actually want to eat on that again someday

Everycat said...

They all look perfectly comfy there, love the mid yawn with fangs too!


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