Monday, September 20, 2010

A fun weekend 'up north' with Samantha...

It started out as an offer to take both our kids, one spouse (since the other spouse, Marty, is deployed with his National Guard unit), and the new in-laws, to Dubuque to ride on the boat on the Mississippi that we were scheduled for after Alex & Allison's wedding.

Schedules didn't mesh well, but Samantha was available, so John, Samantha and I headed north on Saturday and shopped. (Above is a boat that said it was a "Bed & Breakfast", too.)

Sunday morning was quite chilly, with a promise of sunshine later in the day, so we headed to Como Zoo for a couple of hours to admire the animals. (zoo pictures tomorrow)

There was a really different store for an outlet mall in Medford (Minnesota). It was called "The Bag Lady". Both the above and below pictures were taken in the store. I couldn't resist the bejeweled cat! (I didn't even look to see how much it cost...and didn't buy it....!)

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