Saturday, September 4, 2010

September scenes from my 'neighborhood'...

So it was beautiful day and I decided to capture it in pictures.

(above) This is the east section of our yard. When we moved here in 1997, we used to play baseball in this field. It was our very own "Field of Dreams", and at that time, it was surrounded by a corn field.

This is a field of soybeans, just starting to change colors.

This is the corn field across the road from our house.

These are the neighbor's cows.

These are the two new calves this summer.

This view is from the top of a road south of Stanhope, looking back at the elevator in Stanhope.

These were some horses (one of them looks like a mule??--I didn't get that close when I took the picture) in the field on the hill where I parked to take pictures.

These last pictures are from the top of the hill looking around at the colors changing with the seasons.

(Yes, that's our big red truck in the picture!)

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