Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday, Shirley!

Izaac enjoying the party with a dirty face...

The ice cream birthday cake my mom crafted for Shirl's birthday. My mom also made hot beef sandwiches (yummy roast/mashed potatoes/gravy) and creamed peas, etc., etc.

The t-shirt I struggled to make the iron-on transfer for. It turned out okay, though! (on the back is a collage of pictures of Shirley when she was young...)

The threesome in the dining room, Shirley, Izaac and Michelle (Izaac's aunt).

Shirl ready to open her bounty of presents.

The threesome after opening cards.

The dining room in Des Moines at my mom's decorated for the BIG EVENT (Shirley's 50th birthday!!!).

Will try and put the remaining pictures of the party on flickr, and some short videos, too.

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