Monday, July 7, 2008

And then there were 3 (plus Momma)

Sunday afternoon I was in Des Moines watching Izaac play in a baby pool for the first time (by the time we got water in the pool it had clouded up and Izaac was tired from not napping).

My niece (Michelle) LOVES cats (like most of us in our family) and thought her grandmother's new 'baby' was so precious she talked her friend, B.J., into following me home and taking one home. (The new 'baby' at my mom's still doesn't have an official name--yesterday we thought of gracie for grace kelly, because my mom thinks the kitten acts like a princess, so Michelle voted for 'bella'.)

When they got to Camp Stanhope, we brought both the ginger and tuxie in, and after a little while B.J. decided maybe two kittens was the way to go, for entertainment purposes, etc. So they took them both! On the left is a picture of them this afternoon in their new apartment in Des Moines. They look pretty comfy.

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