Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday after Monday's turmoil weather...

The picture on the left is from Monday early-evening when Alex was busy with the carpet soaping-sucking machine in the living room. We had noticed it was getting really dark to the west, but it looked like it was going to miss us for the most part. (I was washing windows and around them while I didn't need to help move furniture.)

Then the wind REALLy picked up, and we went to turn to tv on to weather and discovered our county was in a TORNADO WARNING! oh my. The wind blew several pots off the deck--heavy ones, and broke one of my pepper plants, but other than some sticks in the yard, we must have been a long way from the tornado. oh well.

The living room and Prairie look MUCH better, and now we have the other half of the living room to clean, which is by the entryway, so it will probably be an all-morning job.

The picture on the right is one I took of Bogie early last week. It's a cat-in-a-cat-bag picture!

1 comment:

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

thankz fer vizitin mi blog!
i luv joe girardi! he'z calm ... calm ... calm ... an den, evree now an den ... he ekspodez! i luv dat! (harharhar!)
pee ess ... i'm glad da tornado diden't do damij to yer howse.

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