Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy Monday and Izaac at Camp!

Yesterday I got a BUNCH of weeds killed, along with a trip to Webster City to firm up motel reservations for the party later this month. I bought MORE weed-killer and a few other items, then back to the yard to kill another patch of weeds.

About 3:30 I was out of weed-killing ambition and ready for a shower. Alex called and said he'd like to meet me in Ames for supper and get a new phone (so he needed me to be there to okay it on our plan) and then he'd haul the mulch I wanted home.

While we were at the cell-phone store Izaac's mom called and wanted to know if we'd like to have a visitor for a few days, so I drove to Ankeny and met up with her and her mother and Izaac.

After we got home, Uncle Johnny and Alex had picked up and vacuumed in the house, and were looking outside under the back deck at an opossum. It was scaring Mrs. 8:30 and her brood (into the garage they went) so the boys 'took care of it'. I haven't had this much excitement on one day in a long time, and it WAS a long day!

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