Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is John relaxing Monday with the three kittens after their first trip to the V-E-T. They are doing okay, except for their ear mites, so dear Dr. Stribe gave them their first distemper shot, and put some stuff in their ears and on their backs to prevent more mites (and other bugs/heartworms). The only real tragedy we had for the party (besides forgetting to serve a few other veggies and dips and condiments and baked beans) happened before the party.

On Wednesday morning when I got up "Mrs. 8:30" (momma to 6 kittens, 3 who have other 'forever' homes and 3 who are now in OUR house) was laying deceased under the pine tree in back. Some animal had killed her in the night (we didn't hear anything) and she had apparently fought to let the kittens escape. Two were up the pine tree and one came out from the garage/dog door.

So we got the three into the house and haven't even spent much time with them yet, but they seem to warming to us (only one was a little 'skittish', and she isn't so much now) very quickly. Out oldest cat, the (witchy) Queen (who whapped one last night when it got too close, but not severely) seems to be having the hardest time with the new ones. The other two pretty much avoid them. Bogie is starting to act a little curious about them, as long as they don't interrupt his dinner!

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