Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday in the Park in Stanhope!

Tuesday was busy with John finishing the deck rail, and then painting the deck (all of it).

In Stanhope, IA, there is a tradition of Wednesday Night in the Park. It goes from June through the end of July, with various organizations hosting/cooking/cleaning in the park building for fund-raising. There are various musical ensembles that play after the evening meal of "maid-rites", hot dogs, lemonade and (mostly) home-made pies. So John, Alex and I took Izaac to his 'first' Wednesday in the Park!

Tonight the German Band from Ackley (near Parkersburg/tornado town) played while people enjoyed the music and even got up and danced under the shelter. The slogan for Stanhope is "A Slice of the Good Life", and we have found it to be true.

This is a 30-second video of Izaac in the park in Stanhope playing with our Pastor's new puppy. (Suzie is the pastor, and Marshall is the new puppy!)

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Anonymous said...

looks like dad got lots of help, kittens and izaac.

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